This morning Street Fighter Series executive Yoshinori Ono revealed via a series of Tweets that the company is working on a new fighting game which is for current generation and possibly next generation consoles.

Yoshinori Ono tweeted a job vacancy early this morning which announced that Capcom were looking to hire a new game designer and programmer for a “New Fighting Game”. The job would be based at the Tokyo or Osaka Studio and as Ono revealed, the company is “making preparation for development in just now”.

In response to the news Ono received several quizzing tweets asking for more details, one of which being whether the game would be on next-gen consoles, he replied with “I can’t speak, it’s imagine that…” is that a yes or a no? Shall we assume yes? Okay then.

Now we sit and speculate. Could this be a new fighting game in an existing IP such as Street Fighter, or an entirely new game, Capcom All Stars for example, or even a new fighting game all together? Until we hear more news, speculation is all we can do!

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