Hinterland Studios has released the first gameplay footage from their first person “thoughtful, exploration focused” survival simulation, The Long Dark which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and it looks pretty fantastic, if not a little frightening.

In the videom Hinterland’s Creative Director Raphael Van Lierop talks about the games plot. The Long Dark casts the player as bush pilot William Mackenzie, whose plane crashed in remote wilderness following a magnetic anomaly. In the game the main objective for the player is that they must help Mackenzie survive, balancing needs like heat, food and water, and avoiding threats like wild animals such as Wolves.

The game itself seems to take on a more realistic survival simulation rather than an action/adventure game. You’re required to keep a close eye on Mackenzie’s calorie counter which is constantly ticking down at a steady rate. Walking, running, and other actions also affect the rate in which Mackenzie’s calories are being burned much like in real life.

Also in the video Van Lierop talks about how Mackenzie will give verbal cues to announce changes or to help the player decide what to do next which, if utilised correctly will really add to the feeling of needing to survive. I can imagine that if used too often it can quickly become annoying.

The Long Dark is currently looking for funding via Kickstarter, and as it stands right now as I write this the game is currently at $129,078 CAD of its $200,000 CAD goal with eight days remaining.

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