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Microsoft’s next generation console is going to bring with it a bunch of changes and new features, some are large like the system architecture and the use of BluRay. Others are small like the way we manage our friends-list, the amount of friends we can have, and the achievement pop-up. Today we’re going to look at the new pop-up and explain some of the new features behind it!

Along with a fresh new look, the new achievement display tells us a lot more than it used to. Before it flashed up, gave us the amount of points we’d earned as well as what the achievement was called. You had to be quick witted in order to find who earned the achievement if you were playing a local multiplayer game.

That won’t be a problem any more. The new Xbox One achievement display has completely changed the way we see achievements earned when playing with multiple people on one console. The first is that it tells everyone who earned the achievement before going into detail which one they earned, second, it changes colour depending on who earns the achievement.

Briefly speaking about the achievement Xbox Vice President Marc Whitten has said that each player’s ‘achievement unlocked’ display will be in their “chosen colour”. There aren’t many details on how different we can have our colours but it’s an interesting feature, don’t you think?

achievement unlocked

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