You’ve probably walked by one of these machines fairly often if you visit supermarkets such as Tesco or ASDA. Coinstar machines offer those of us with buckets full of coppers the chance to convert them into a voucher that we can use towards our weekly shop. Well in the US it looks like a new option is being added, the option to redeem an Xbox Live Gift Card.

The news comes from the digital payment company Rixty who is partnering with Microsoft to bring Xbox Live codes wholesale to a number of other currency platforms, including Coinstar. There’s no word on a UK launch, but those in the US who use these machines will get the chance to choose from gift cards from $5 in value up to $100 to use on their Xbox consoles or in the Windows Store.

Also, the fee which is charged for cash redemption will also be waived if you opt for the voucher code.

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