Coming soon to Club Nintendo are these colourful LEGO-esque charging cradles for the Nintendo 3DS XL. When purchasing the 3DS XL you’ll notice that not a lot comes in the box, you get the console and that’s it, you have to get your own charger, and if you’re feeling fancy, a cradle too.

Now however, with those fancy coins you’ve been harbouring in order to get that Princess Peach notepad you can grab yourself a colourful LEGO-esque charging cradle for your 3DS XL for only 500 coins! They’re not available right now, but come Halloween you’ll be able to hop online and spend those wonderful reward coins.

Available in Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and White these colourful cradles are the perfect bed-side-unit companion for your 3DS XL and hey, 500 virtual coins is better than the almost $20 asking price for a boring old black one that Nintendo have on sale.

Now, Nintendo of America announced this via their Twitter account and the link leads to the US Club Nintendo page so I’m unsure whether the cradles will be available to those of us across the pond, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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