Good news sports fans; open world winter sports game, SNOW, has been made available in Alpha on Steam’s Early Access giving you a chance to play the game before it’s official realease. Also have a little look at the trailer as it shows off the amazingly detailed quality of mt.Sialia.

Peppermost Productions, the creators behind SNOW, obviously have to work out a lot of bugs and animation problems when you’re going traversing downhill on a piece of wood, if you’re that hard core. Online mulitiplayer has been mentioned but has not been added, it’s also looking to start at $15, that’s £9 for us British folk.

The mountain featured in the game has been entirely hand-crafted by the three-person team at Poppermost Productions. Explore every inch (or centimeter) of the mountain and find your own lines or stick to the path – it’s up to you!

SNOW has also been labelled as “free to play soon” with equipment and other well-known mountain ranges available to purchase later. But it’s good to get the early access packs as they contain exclusive equipment.

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