When you spend your hard earned money on a game you expect to get the whole thing, right? Well that’s what every one expected when they purchased the sci-fi horror shooter Dark Matter, but as it turns out, players only get to experience the first half of the game which ends fairly abruptly with some “to be continued” type dialogue.

“The mag-lock door slams closed behind [your character], locking away the Engineering section, and her dreams of rescue.” is how the game ends after around five hours of play which is leaving a bitter taste in some players mouths. As you’d expect, players took to forums and made complains about how the game ends and that they’re feeling ripped off.

In an attempt to calm the situation down, publisher Iceberg Interactive’s CEO Erik Schreuder explained in a Steam Forum post that due to the failure of the games Kickstarter “The idea was then formed to make Dark Matter an episodic series, with episodes selling at a budget price of $14.99. Any further episodes would, however, need to be dependent on the success of the previous instalment. The first instalment is what has launched recently on Steam and is simply called Dark Matter.”

Schreuder also explains that “the game is exactly as described on Steam (including that it contains 14 levels)” which is fine, but it doesn’t actually mention that this is the first half, or that it’s an episodic game.

The game hopped on sale earlier last week on both and Steam with reports coming in that are offering some customers refunds on the title specifically to those who thought they were purchasing the full title. The site has also amended the game’s description to read “The first half of a thrilling, gripping story,” with the first half in bold.

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