The drama surrounding the release of Dark Matter continues as the game has been temporarily pulled from Steam due to the game receiving complains due to it not actually being finished.

Yesterday we wrote that Dark Matter fan’s aren’t happy with the game due to it’s abrupt ending. It’s come to light that the game isn’t actually finished and was released as an “episodic” game with the one currently on sale being part one – as it turns out, no one knew that and believed that they were buying the full game, that was until the ‘to be continued’ style text came up around five or six hours into the game..

In the latest turn of events it looks like Steam has decided to pull the game from sale due to a “known issue at the end of the game” and GOG.com have removed the listing completely, but that’s only the half of it. Gamasutra are reporting that the team behind the game, Interwave Studios, doesn’t actually exist any more.

“After the Kickstarter failed earlier this year, most of the Interwave team was let go between July and August, and the vast majority of the original Dark Matter developers are not working on the title any more, according to Gamasutra sources.” reads the report.

A few hours after the report went live Gamasutra received an update from another source. “An external company is now handling the game’s ending, and that none of the original developers are still working on the game.” reads the update. “The entire Interwave team, minus two management staffers, were let go during July and August. When the Kickstarter failed, the original idea was to package it up as Dark Matter: Episode 1 and use sales of the game to re-hire the original team and carry onwards — however, this plan fell through.”

So what does this mean for Dark Matter? It seems that the game may get finished, but it might not be the same game the second time around, and with the bitter taste left in some gamers mouths it’s unlikely that they’ll return for a second helping.

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