I think it’s time I should be honest with you readers, I love wrestling. I’m not talking about the actual Olympic sport I mean pro wrestling and after finding out about this new piece of news about my favourite wrestler, The Undertaker, I just had to come clean about it.

In WWE 2K14 has now added a new feature for players to defend The Undertakers winning streak or make attempts to destroy it. For those that don’t know back in WrestleMania, The Undertaker managed to rack an impressive winning streak of twenty one victories, yes I am aware that the matches are all scripted with pre-determined winners but I don’t care.

As it is the 30 years of WrestleMania, this new mode allows all players to be able to take on what they are calling “The Streak” and surprisingly enough it comes in two different versions. The first being the defeat the streak, self-explanatory, all players will be thrown into a no disqualification match against a CPU Undertaker, to whom is given the hardest difficulty setting or worse.

Using either an existing or custom wrestler to go toe to toe with The Undertaker, you will be graded by your performance, which will consist of showmanship, the length of the bout and how many show stopping moments you performed. The overall stats will be rounded up and thrown onto a leaderboard.

“Defend the streak” is quite the opposite. You play as The Undertaker taking on Wrestler after Wrestler until you are finally pinned, this will be quite difficult considering the fact your damage meter is never reset.

I’m actually looking forward to this part of WWE2K14 not because The Undertaker is my favourite wrestler but because I can finally make the moustachioed wrestler of my dreams and end his winning streak.

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