In an interview with Polygon, executive producer John Vignocchi revealed that the games downloadable Toy Box collections had been downloaded over a million times in the games first two weeks of sale.

Disney Infinity is a hard video game to describe, it’s not so much a game itself but a game creation game where you can use the game to play games. Wow. There are various things you can do in Disney Infinity, first you can admire the figures that come included in the first playset, next you can play with said figures in the game itself in environments based on Disney properties, finally there’s the Toy Box mode. This mode allows players to build their own play sets using assets that they gain from the various different figures available in the franchise.

Since the game began the production team have also been releasing free Toy Boxes for players to download and play with, this also included themed levels based on the Tron movie, Up, as well as a homage to BioShock Infinite. A few weeks later the team opened up a submission process where players could submit their maps based on what the developers asked for (race maps, mazes, puzzles, ect) which were then whittled down to a top-5 which was then released for everyone else to download.

“What we wanted to do is show the community that it is our intention that Infinitywill continue to grow and live over time with user-generated content,” said Vignocchi. “We wanted to start putting content in that channel so people could see what could be created.”

“There is a perspective that you have as a developer that the creations that will come from our team are going to be the most spectacular made and in fact what the community has made has completely blown away our expectations,” he said. “It’s amazing to see the guys who are good at Minecraft building things in Infinity.”

There’s a ton of Disney Infinity content coming out over the next few months with a Toy Story in Space playset coming on October 22 along with Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen characters coming in November. Finally the PC version of the Toy Box is set to come out next month too where players can edit, build, and share their Toy Boxes without having to start up their consoles.

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