Metro Trains Melbourne might have just stumbled on gold with this campaign. We’re all aware of rail safety but not everyone adheres to them, there’s still that plank that tries to race the level crossing, there’s definitely going to be someone who drops their smartphone or tablet onto the tracks and think’s it’s safe to climb down and get it, and there’s always that one person who stands too close to the edge of the platform and well.. Yeah.

Dumb Ways to Die touches upon these rail safety issues in a light hearted and hilarious manner as well as showing us other dumb ways to die. What began as a public service announcement has now also been turned into a brilliant mobile game that’ll definitely kill the time that even the longest commute will take but doesn’t stray too far from the original message.

Dumb Ways to Die

Think of the various “Idiot tests” available on the app store. Dumb Ways to Die has the same sort of idea, you’re given various mini-game-like scenarios to complete in a short amount of time such as swatting wasps away from a face, tapping as fast as you can to put out the fire in the little guys hair, and precisely squirting mustard on a hot dog to feed to a snake, if you don’t complete them in the allotted time it’ll result in the little character dying in the most hilarious ways.

Each time you attempt to play the game it’ll start of slow and eventually get faster adding to the pressure to complete the mini game before the time runs out and no two games are the same. Each time you hit that play button you’ll start off with a different series of mini games to complete.

Now, if you haven’t seen the Public Service Announcement you’ll be able to unlock the full video after hitting a certain score. The music video contains one of the most stuck-in-your-head songs I’ve ever heard, but it’s a brilliant song that you won’t mind having in your head. The music video itself contains the scenarios that you play in the game along side a few others and it’s as hilarious as the game itself.

Dumb Ways to Die

Now, no game is complete without a sense of achievement right? Well in Dumb Ways to Die each time you score a certain amount you’ll unlock a new “dead” character for your train station which also acts as the main menu. All though we’ve seen all of the different characters in the music video there’s still the urge to keep playing so you have them all. So far I’ve managed to unlock nine of the little buggers.

Each time you play the game you’re given three lives and each time you fail a mini game you’ll lose one of those lives demonstrated in the most comical way by the character who sold his kidneys falling into an open grave. Fail three times and it’s game over, but that’s not before you’re given the chance to share on Twitter the very last scene you failed on.

Ultimately the game is another step in which Metro Trains are trying to send out the message of rail safety and that’ll come across when you’re given the train based mini games but it’s in no way preachy and to that I tip my hat to Metro Trains. There is a cute option within the app where players can also pledge to “not do dumb stuff around trains”.

Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Die is available to download for free on Google Play and iTunes.

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