Eidos, the team behind the highly anticipated Thief reboot have done away with the games XP system thanks to fan feedback. The news was confirmed by Game Director Nic Cantin and Lead Level Designer Daniel Windfeld Schmidt in a community Q & A.

Thief was originally supposed to contain an XP levelling system which was achievable through progressing in the game but according to Nic Cantin this type of system “reducing our motivation to steal,”. He continued to say that “The main goal of a thief should be to gain loot. Garrett is already the Master Thief, so we saw no need to have XP as a core mechanic.”

The decision was also influenced by a flourish of negative feedback on the games E3 demo where players were rewarded with XP for getting a headshot. In the Q&A Catin said the following:

“It is more a design decision to add to our economy system and entice the player to steal more. But yes, the E3 reaction was right, rewarding killing like that was wrong for a Master Thief.”

So now in Thief, goal is to use gold to buy elements to progress and the only way to get gold in Thief is to, of course, steal it. “The player will be able to choose how to spend money, for more stealthy or more aggressive tools.” said Catin. Schmidt also said “It was always possible to play without using XP, like it is still possible to play through the game without killing anyone or even spending any coin (though it isn’t going to be easy!)”.

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