Tonight at around 6 pm for us Brit’s we’ll begin to see news live from Apple’s event in San Francisco, we’ve already seen the new iPhones so what exactly can we expect to hear from today’s event?

iPads, iPads everywhere!

We believe that Apple’s Event today will mainly focus on the iPad. We’re expecting a slightly larger iPad Mini complete with Retina Display and maybe even Apple’s new Touch ID fingerprint hardware. We’re thinking that the iPad Mini might have upgraded to Apple’s latest A7 chip too, if not it’ll get an upgrade to Apple’s A6. A variety of colours isn’t out of the question either, despite poor sales of the iPhone 5C.

The iPad itself will also get an upgrade, or downgrade depending on how you look at it. Some rumours suggest Apple is planning to shrink the iPad down a little to include less bezels and look a little more like it’s younger brother. Touch ID and Apple’s A7 chip isn’t out of the question, neither is the possibility of a gold/champagne/Kardashian version.

Macbook Pro’s

Holy shit, the third generation MacBook Pro is over a year old. It’s about time Apple brought out a new one. That’s exactly what we’re expecting from today’s event. A brand new MacBook Pro with talks surrounding the integration of Intel’s Haswell generation of processors. The MacBook Pro’s are also expected to get more battery life too.

No update is expected for the non-Retina MacBook Pro’s, they can just go and be forgotten about in a corner somewhere.

Apple’s Dustbin.. I mean.. Mac Pro!

Apple are expected to unveil more details on their cylindrical Mac Pro. Okay, it may look silly but from the sounds of it, it’s bound to pack a punch. Containing dual workstation GPU’s along side the Intel Xeon E5 processor is said to support the next generation of HD TV, 4K. More RAM is going to be added which itself isn’t going to be short on speed. The only down-side, it seems to push support for external storage via Thunderbolt 3, and USB 3.o

Let’s just hope that when it’s sitting under your desk, you don’t start throwing crunched up paper at it.


Apple’s latest OS X version Mavericks is set to get more of a feature this time around. It’s just about ready to drop and it seems that Apple will be using this event to remind everyone just what exactly will feature in OS X Mavericks.

Apple TV? No? 

There’s a small rumour that Apple might shift focus on Apple’s TV streaming hardware, but that seems unlikely after various other rumours say that Apple have no plans to refresh the hardware. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess?

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