Fable legends game director David Eckleberry has given a little information about how the game will be structured. Apparently the game is going to “evolve” over a variety of years and due to the games main focusing on multiplayer it will be treated in episodic content so that the story won’t be overlooked, like most games.

“The storyline is absolutely there and very important,” Eckelberry has said “Of course there’s a higher purpose with a broad storyline that combines the various quests. But we tell new stories all the time. That’s the beauty of episodic content.”

Eckelberry continued to say “We don’t want Fable Legends to stop when you finish the game. You should think about seasons and episodes. Fable Legends might just be Season One and we can add new quests and stories in the future, in the form of DLC for example.”

I’m a little unsure how this will all plan out and it may seem like Fable is going into a bit of adventurous area, it just seems like general game with more adventures and quests with DLC. I could be wrong though, perhaps I’m just being cynical.

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