Whilst the unfortunately distant sequel of the now bankrupt publisher THQ’s 2011 ‘résistance spectaculaire’ – Homefront – doesn’t appear to be getting any closer, it seems we may have reached some hope that we can expect further updates in the months to come following a recent release of three conceptual images generated from an early “work-in-progress” build of the game.

The first installment, a first-person shooter set around a North Korean invasion of the United States in 2027, and an ex-marine’s attempts to rebel against the impending enemy forces as part of a militia, initially received both praise and criticism for its short campaign mode and storytelling, though was generally admired for its visual experiences, conflict system and majorly its online extension; reaching a total review score of 70/100 across all platforms from Metacritic.

With the new direction of Crytek, we can expect the sequel to test next-gen consoles, with an alleged release date of 2015, we can expect many dramatic changes in the meantime. While there are still no details being discussed at this point, we can see from the images below that developing company Kaos Studios has not lost their consistent gritty aesthetics throughout their work, which has become the birthmark of the Homefront products.


homefront 2 3

homefront 2 2

homefront 2 1

It’s still too early to say whether or not we can expect a substantially solid sequel from Crytek when Homefront finally reaches next-gen systems in the near future, and what new things can we expect Crytek to bring to the table with the possession of this new property? Let us know what you’re hoping for down below, but until then it seems we’ll just have to wait patiently as the sluggish updates eventually roll in.

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