In a recent blog post on the Forza Motorsport site, Turn 10 studios have revealed that Forza Motorsport 5 will be getting six DLC car packs, one each month following the games release, as well as the news that Forza 5 will be getting a ‘Car Pass’ season pass to get all of the DLC at a cheaper rate.

All six DLC car packs can be purchased in advance using the Car Pass which offers a discount on all six. Players will then automatically be able to download the DLC when it’s released.

According to the developers each of the cars available in the forthcoming DLC will contain the same ‘Forzavista’ experience that the current cars in Forza Motorsport offer.

“Walk around the car, check out the interior, start up and rev the engine, learn about the car’s history and performance statistics; you can even add a new livery design, change the paint color, or tune your car all from the same Forzavista view.”

Turn 10 has promised more information on the Car Pass as well as details on the first DLC which is set to launch in December. Forza Motorsport 5 is one of the 22 launch titles that we can expect to launch along side the Xbox One on November 22.

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