Halloween is almost upon us ghosts and ghouls and what better way to celebrate one of the best holidays other than Christmas than with a Halloween themed texture pack for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition!

4J Studios have released a spooky Halloween themed texture pack for the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft which is available to download, absolutely free! The free cooky texture pack turns those already creepy Ghasts into floating pumpkins, Creepers into spookier looking ghosts, and Enderman gets a brand new look as Slenderman – Nope.

Along with mob themes, trees also get creepy faces, flowers now have teeth, even lanterns get a spooky makeover. I love it! For a closer look take a gander at the screenshots below… if you dare!

You can download this texture pack right now until November 3rd where it’ll disappear, never to be seen again, muhahahaha..!

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