Smartphones have come a long way since the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007, forget Moore’s Law, it’s probably safe to say that the technology that’s available and soon will be available in smartphones will soon exceed what Moore predicted. The adoption of mobile gaming has gone through the roof too with games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja taking casual gaming by storm, we’ve even got games like FIFA 14, GTA III, and other console titles making their way onto mobile devices.

I think the future of mobile gaming is bright; phones are getting bigger, more powerful, and more easily accessible. Games are both easy to pick-up-and-play as well as offering longer, more in depth play sessions for the more hard core gamer.

Speaking with Three Mobile Paul Croft, chief games officer at Mediatonic (Amateur Surgeon, Foul Play) shared his opinion on the future of mobile gaming;

The future of mobile gaming is only going to get bigger. Smart phones usage is going to continue to increase, bringing more gamers on board.

“I think we’re going to see more sophisticated gaming experiences on mobile, at the moment we’ve only scratched the surface of what can be done on these devices.”

This, I believe is a shared opinion with triple A publishers and developers such as Activision and Ubisoft who are both creating companion apps for their upcoming games, as well as the option to use our mobile devices to interact with the game itself. Even if we look beyond our smartphones we can see that Sony are focusing on portable gaming, or second screen gaming, with their PS Vita console which will soon be able stream and play PlayStation 4 games.

Smartphones are becoming a key element in our lives, no matter how much those of us who hate to admit it, it’s true and it’s that dependency on our mobile devices that’s going to drive the mobile gaming genre to the top.

More importantly what are your thoughts on mobile gaming? We’d love to know your opinion so leave a comment below!

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