When November 22 and 29th roll around you don’t want to be standing in a queue all night in order to get your hands on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, you just want to grab it and run. Well GAME are offering the chance for you to do just that, if you pay for the console upfront. Though bare in mind that if EVERYONE does this, there’s still going to be a queue..

GAME have announced via various customer emails that those who pay off their console before launch night they’ll be given a ticket to enter the “fast lane” allowing them to quickly exchange their ticket for a shiny new console.

Hold your horses though, you’ll have to wait until 20th and 21st November before they open the pre-payments which will allow you to skip the queue on November 22nd and pick up an Xbox One, the same goes for PlayStation 4 fans who’ll be required to wait until 27th and 28th November.

GAME is also recommending that you bring along any old games or accessories you want to trade in when you pre-pay which, if three or more items are traded in, will allow an extra 20 per cent value which can be used against your console payment.

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