Publisher Iceberg Interactive are pleased to announce that Gas Guzzlers Extreme is now available on Steam and along with that comes a brand new trailer which you can see above. The game has currently smashed it’s way onto Steam with an introductory discount of 20% too shifting the game from £18.99 to £15.19!

Gas Guzzlers Extreme is a fast, furious, armed-to-the-teeth, trigger-happy shooter, shifted into top gear! Take a white knuckle ride in this crazily addictive combat racing game that features a ton of vehicles, weapons, upgrades, on-track bonuses and environments. Gas Guzzlers Extreme is an exciting new twist on the car combat experience with the addition of furious team/clan combat battles.

This game, from the trailers that I’ve seen looks like a more bad ass and modern version of games like Interstate ’76 and Vigilante 8. There’s nothing more satisfying than winning a race because you’ve filled your other opponents car with bullets.

Andrej Levenski, Technical Editor at Gas Guzzlers Extreme developer Gamepires says:

The Gamepires team is very proud of what we have achieved with Gas Guzzlers Extreme regarding technology and gameplay. We hope the standard that we have set with Gas Guzzlers Extreme in terms of graphics, physics and gameplay will become the new benchmark for any future car combat title.

I’m currently downloading the game as I write this, so look out for a n3rdabl3 review in a few days! Until then why not jump in and get Gas Guzzlers Extreme for yourself.

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