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22 Cans God sim, GODUS has been available through Steams Early Access scheme for a few months now and the team have been keen to share updates on the game that’s currently only 41% complete. The latest update, 1.3, adds a few new features to the game as well as finally allowing players to enter the Bronze Age.

Players who have entered the Early Access for GODUS won’t have to do anything, but may find that their home world has changed a little in the update. For those who have been playing for a while and have reached the games current limit will be pleased to know that they can now enter the Bronze Age which includes 12 New Bronze age advances including Farming, Politics and Cartography, 8 New Resource cards and 8 New God cards to collect.

A more comprehensive list of new features as well as bugs that have been fixed can be found by visiting the source link below.

You can currently purchase GODUS on Steam and get the chance to play the Early Access version which has a few little bugs here and there, but for a game that’s only 41% complete, it’s pretty good, in fact, it’s really good. I’m trying hard not to start up the game right now. You can read my hands-on account with the game so far here.

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