Nexus 5 Long

It looks like Google may have slipped up early this morning and had accidentally, almost, put the listing for the Nexus 5 live giving us a closer look at the actual device as well as price and what memory options it’ll be available in.

The listing for the Nexus 5 appeared only to disappear minutes later but that wasn’t before everyone pounced on the listing like a cat on a mouse. The listing didn’t contain much other than the press shot you can see above (below too) and that the device will start at $349 (About £215) for the 16GB model. This means that if the 32GB model revealed in the manual is legitimate, it’ll be priced at around $400+ (about £249+).

No other details were revealed and as I mentioned the listing was removed almost instantly but what it does tell is is that the Nexus 5 is actually happening real soon and that it’ll be coming with Android Kit Kat which looking at the press shots, match up with the various rumours.

From the press images we can see the new white notification icons, the new transparent navigation softkeys, and some brand new icons themselves with a fairly gaudy looking phone icon. It also seems that the rumours pointing to Android 4.4 merging the messaging app (SMS & MMS) with the Hangouts app could be legitimate.

Rumours now point to Google announcing/launching the Nexus 5 and Android Kit Kat on October 28. I’m sure we’ll know soon enough for sure.

Nexus 5

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