Grand Theft Auto V as a single player game is undoubtedly a hit, despite losing the top spot to FIFA 14 the game has been a success in almost every aspect. Sure the Online mode has it’s problems and gamers are becoming frustrated, but I’ve heard little to no complaints about the single player campaign. It’s even more of a success than it’s predecessor reaching more sales in a week, than the last game did in it’s lifetime.

In terms of numbers, that’s pretty impressive if you consider that the last game, GTA IV, had 5/6 years to get ahead. Sadly FIFA 14 still holds firm on the top spot but Grand Theft Auto V is still pulling in records with the game becoming the 12th biggest selling video game of all time in the market and if it weren’t for Activision and four other Call of Duty titles, GTA IV would be at the top in terms of revenue, but I guess fifth place isn’t too bad?

In terms of charts, FIFA remains in first place with Grand Theft Auto V close behind. Two new entries follow behind, with F1 2013 in third place, and Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker in fourth. Surprisingly Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition is still clinging on in fifth place, an absolutely phenomenal performance from an Xbox Live Arcade turned Retail game.

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