LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

One of the games I was most excited about at this years Eurogamer Expo was LEGO’s newest adventure, LEGO Marvel Superheroes! Honestly, to me it’s the perfect combination. LEGO! Marvel! All in a video game! What more could you ask for? The answer you’re looking for is not a lot more because this game is just truly awesome.

There were four choices to where you would like to play in this ‘demo’ (I have to use demo loosely as they were whole levels to play), There was New York, where you take on Sandman using The Hulk, Iron Man and  Spider Man. The other level to choose from was Asgard, where you would fight Loki and the Frost Giants as Thor, Captain America and The Human Torch. The other two level were to do the previous in ‘Free-Play’, which to those with previous LEGO game knowledge will know that Free-Play is just the same level but you can play as your favourite hero. So for example, you could take, Jean Grey and The Green Goblin along with you to Asgard as well as a bunch of other characters.

LEGO Marvel 03

LEGO Marvel Superheroes follows on from more recent LEGO games with the addition of voice acting, although I couldn’t actually hear any thanks to the crowds at Eurogamer. The fact that I couldn’t hear it didn’t take anything away from gameplay so that really speaks volume (see what I did there?) about the gameplay. You could mute the game, still enjoy everything that was going on and what you had to do, but I’m sure the voice acting is both funny and interesting, in true LEGO game fashion.

With all the different characters that I played as, there were none that I disliked, I do however have have some stand out characters that I enjoyed playing as: Wolverine, for his Adamantium skeleton that shows when injured considerably; Magneto, for just how well TT Games have captured his smug attitude; I also enjoyed the ‘large’ characters, the likes of The Hulk, Juggernaut, Rhino and The Abomination. It was so much fun stamping around the levels, squashing enemies!

LEGO Marvel 02

There were all kinds of people playing the game. From Mothers and sons, to a 21 year old bearded man child! Everyone came off the game smiling, which was really nice to see. It’s something that LEGO and TT Games do really well, they can bring families together to play and enjoy a game for even just a short while. They can even make people but down big titles like Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty to play even just a few levels.

I’m really looking forward to LEGO Marvel Superheroes which is released November 15th for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, WiiU, 3DS, DS, PSVita and then Xbox One and PS4 in the future.

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its released on October 22 for current gen.