Soon after Nintendo’s 2DS was announced it came to light that the 2D only console didn’t consist of just one screen it in fact contained one singular touch screen made to look as if there were two. Now the console is out someone has pulled it apart to reveal the consoles huge-ass screen.

It seems like a waste of a fairly decent console but it was inevitable that someone was going to take it apart to find out if the news was true and as you can see, it is! It also reveals that there’s a fair amount of space being wasted too. This does beg the question, is this a massive touch screen? Some seem to think so which means some handy so-and-so could hack some software to recognise the entire screen as a touch screen but I don’t really see that happening any time soon.

There is good news though. It seems as if the 2DS is fairly simple to take apart and put back together again which is great news for those who like to take matters into their own hands when things break.

If you think pulling apart a perfectly good console is sacrilege then go and point the finger at Rose Coloured Gaming.


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