So everyone seems to like ABC’s hit new series Agents of SHIELD, it’s been on for two weeks (one week in the UK) and it’s time for me to toss out a theory: Coulson is a robot. Or in the Marvel lingo, an LMD, an acronym Tony Stark mentioned during the Avengers. So I reckon Coulson is a robot who doesn’t know he’s a robot which could somehow link to into a robotic villain called Ultron – I couldn’t imagine why they’d do that.

But back on topic. I thought up a list of characters I’d like to see on the show because it can’t be set in a superhero universe without the hero showing up. I’ve set a few parameters like; they probably wouldn’t make onto the Avengers, Not big enough for their own film, and probably the character needs a TV series to develop.

I’ve also excluded the Punisher because he’s a little r-rated for this show. So without further adieu, here’s who I’d like to see appear in Agents of SHIELD

1. Moon Knight – Moon Knight is a character I look at and go, ‘Hey you can do someone fun with that character if you gave him some real investment.’ I know there are tonnes of Batman comparisons but can’t you compare Marvel’s Ant-man to DC’s Atom? The Fantastic Four to the Challengers of the Unknown? DC’s Kobra to G.I Joes Cobra? (Same writer I know). Maybe a different setting could help this character flourish.

2. Quake – SHIELD’s resident super spy. Super because she has powers. Daisy Johnson could easily be SHIELD’s pet hero. An interesting dynamic of hero and civil servant.

3. Daredevil – Daredevil is a street hero. A guy who concerns himself with the guy on the street and not the aliens in the sky. Daredevil is down to Earth and with his ear to the ground.

4. Isaiah Bradley – Did you know there was a black super solider? SHIELD seems to have some plans for world building. So why not focus on the Avengers back stories a little? Isaiah was an African American who during World War 2 was forced to take a highly experimental form of the Super Solider Serum after the original creator was killed.

The whole project was kept a secret and serum took it’s toll on Isaiah but was unable to tell anyone because he was sworn to secrecy. There is whole lot of criticism of the Avengers feeling shallow. Let’s portray some of Marvel’s best work and let explore some of the mature themes of the world.

Keep an eye out next week when I’ll write about Villains who I’d like to see in Agents of SHIELD. Until then, leave a comment below with your own suggestion of what hero you’d like to see in the show.

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Robin White

I’m going to have to disagree with you on the ‘everyone seems to like it’ front. It’s getting decidedly mixed reviews from most quarters. Definite room for improvement there. Still, I’m with you on a Daredevil appearance for sure.