Workplace productivity seems to be something that fluctuates depending on what happens during the day. An impromptu meeting, a starchy meal or being burdened with too much to do in the space of an eight-hour shift can derail us while we have plenty that needs to be done before the day is over. Whatever the cause of a dip in productivity, there are ways in which it can be remedied.

A little self-control can help, as can focussing a little more. If that isn’t enough, here are some tips to boost your productivity at work without drastically changing the way in which you do your job:

Take regular breaks

Your boss might think that a lunch break is enough to help you rest, but spending three to four solid hours in front of a computer screen constantly typing can be bad for your energy levels. Taking 10 minutes away from the screen in the morning and another 10 in the afternoon can help to rest your mind and body and even help you to feel refreshed. Taking your entire lunch break is important too.

Block out excess noise

Some of us might find working in a noisy environment a little hard to cope with. To try and focus your mind, it might be worth investing in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. The top-of-the-range models might set you back more than £200, but in terms of helping you to concentrate; they’ll be worth every single penny.

Sit in an ergonomic office chair

The right seat can actually have a positive impact on the amount of work you do. Having an ergonomic chair to sit in can help to maintain or develop a healthy posture which makes it easier for you to type at speed. Chair office produced this video demonstrating how one looks and works, showing that it’s far more effective than your run-of-the-mill office chair.

Make a to-do list and stick to it

Having a list of forthcoming tasks for the day is an important way of trying to motivate yourself as well as be organised about your work. Looking at the list from time to time during each day can keep you focused, and as you tick each item off, you’ll feel that you have accomplished something, breaking down your workload into separate components.

Get plenty of sleep

This might be harder than it sounds, but ensuring you go to bed early, especially during a busy week at the end of the month, you’ll feel sufficiently rested for the day ahead. If you’re having trouble sleeping, avoid caffeine and sugary foods – a drink of warm milk can help you nod off if you stay awake against your wishes.

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