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Wolfram Alpha, the popular computational knowledge engine famous for answering life’s biggest questions such as the height of actor Tom Cruise, or the answer to “All your base..” has now added detailed information on something a little more serious.. Pokémon.

Wolfram Alpha now gives you the ability to search information on 649 different Pokémon finding details on their their speed, special attack, special defence, and hit points, even down to their abilities, their type, and their generation.

Michael Feltes wrote on the Wolfram Alpha blog:

“In many ways, Pokémon are an ideal subject for a computable knowledge engine. They have a set of well-defined characteristics with lots of numbers to which we can apply our analytic capabilities. Heck, Pokémon come complete with their own unique identifiers from the game’s internal database, the Pokémon Index, or Pokédex.”

What’s better, players who own iPhones will now be able to search information right from their phones using Siri because, of course, Siri also searches Wolfram Alpha. You may have to bear with Siri’s voice recognition with words like Xerneas, Yveltal and even Bidoof (see below) and sometimes it overrides the Wolfram database and searches Bing and Google, but when it does work, you’ve got yourself a pocket PokéDex!

Siri Pokémon

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