For those of you who are only a month away from purchasing a PS4 bundled with launch day exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall, this video is a treat.

It shows the multitude of varying ways that you can complete missions, harking back to the original Killzone on PS2 where you could choose which character to complete a level with. This time, it appears that you’ll be in control of Shadow Marshall Lucas Kellan, an elite member of the ISA special forces. How you choose to portray him is entirely up to you.

Leading an assault on a hostage situation, you can play the part of badass commando, bursting through the front doors in a fit of Arnie style rage while peppering any Helghast unlucky enough to fall in your sights with bullet-ridden death. Using sticky bombs to blast through walls to surprise the enemy and showing off the scenery destruction. It looks a little like the original Red Faction, with rubble crumbling and metal tearing like silk by the force of the explosion.

You can also go the route of the ninja and sneak in via air vents, tiptoeing through corridors, ganking enemy troops with a silenced weapon and effective use of adrenaline fuelled bullet-time. A surefire way of avoiding instant eradication, that is if you’re quiet enough. There’s other options too like hacking consoles to open doors for silent entry into safer areas allowing you to mix up your playing style.

Watch the 15 minute video above to see the gameplay in action.

Killzone: Shadow Fall will be released on November the 15th (US) and the 29th (UK), exclusively for PS4.

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