After being pushed back to 2014, Kinect Sports Rivals, the next gen follow up to Kinect Sports, will still be partially available on the launch of the Xbox One.  Buyers will get one of the six events that Kinect Sports Rivals will include free in the form of Wake Racing Pre-season.

Players who download the Pre-season ‘Trial’ before the 30th of November will also be awarded with the player title of  ‘Founder’ so everyone will know they jumped onto the new console early.

The full version of Kinect Sports Rivals is due in SPring 2014 and will include climbing, wake racing, soccer, tennis, target shooting, and bowling.  Plenty of ways for you to wave your arms like a lunatic in the evening.  Just make sure you have the curtains drawn.

Don't knock the vase over!
Don’t knock the vase over!

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