Some could look at what I’m about to write and say that this is a fine example of speculation going a little too far. Think of it as the “Half-Life 3 Confirmed” gag where someone somehow manages to grab the number 3 by any means possible. Google Nexus fans may have gone too far, or are we really clinging onto anything that gives us hope?

The latest tweet from the official Kit Kat Twitter has got Google Nexus fans all hot under the collar. The tweet reads “Everybody Dance Now” with the hashtag AndroidKitKat which caused various rumours started to circulate which hinted at an October 18 release, why might you ask? Because the song Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now), was release on October 18th, 1990.

Clutching at straws/KitKat fingers?

You’d think the rumours would stop there right? Well that’s not quite the case. Pocket Lint has jumped aboard the speculation train and has pointed out that the C+C Music Factory behind the track actually used to be called The 28th Street Crew. Now, if that doesn’t seem crazy enough the official Kit Kat twitter have added fuel to the fire with another tweet.

With the musical theme in mind “This Is It” could reference the album from Michael Jackson that was released October 28th, in Japan. but if you want to look at it further the album actually released two days earlier on October 26th. The song “This Is It” itself was also released on October 12th, 2009 if we’re going to go that far into it.

Either the Kit Kat Twitter account is having a laugh at our expense or there really is some hidden meaning in all of these tweets we’re yet to find out. As you’re probably aware however, one of the many rumours pointed to Google announcing the Nexus 5 and Android Kit Kat, yesterday so like with every other rumour surrounding this subject take it with a pinch of salted caramel.

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