It’s finally happening, just as they predicted. Nintendo have reported a massive 685% increase in sales of their Wii U console in the UK wholly thanks to the release of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.

Sales of the Wii U haven’t been the best, most retailers have been slashing the price of the hardware in order to entice sales and some retailers have even done away with the Basic model completely but Nintendo has held a brave face throughout those tough times saying that it’ll all be right once games like The Legend of Zelda launch.

They weren’t wrong.

With the release of the HD remake of the Gamecube title Nintendo have reported a 685% increase in sales of the console in the UK and can only see that number rising. In the next few months Nintendo are planning on releasing a handful of hardware bundles and have also launched their online store which hopes to offer every Nintendo published title for the Wii U and Nintendo 2/3DS.

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