Do you know how I treated myself this week when I discovered my Comixology app was running again? I treated myself to an issue of the Superior Spider-man. This was part of an ongoing comic treat for me because I’d been buying a set of issues from the series due to the return of one my favourite Spider-man characters – the Spider-man of 2099.

But I’ll leave that one to a ‘future’ date.

The current storyline focused on Spider-Ock single handily pulling down another piece of Peter’s world, namely Peter’s dream job as a scientist at a research company called Horizon Labs.

Thanks to Ock’s arrogant actions and not so heroic attitude this resulted in the Horzion building being destroyed and thanks to past mistakes the lab the staff leave New York and want nothing more to do with Peter Parker.

Here I began to notice a trend.

Over the past few months I’ve noticed one stealthy purpose of the Superior Spider-man, to ‘scorch Earth’ Peter Parkers life. When I say ‘scorch Earth’ I’m talking about destroying the current setting in a piece of fiction. A current example would be how Green Arrow has lost his friends, company and most of his original supporting cast to make way for a new direction for the character.

So trying not to sound so dramatic.

Something big is coming because let’s face it, we’ve danced this dance of death in comics many times. Plot armour is just too strong to kill off some big characters so my basic guess is this.

Peter will return and find his life in tatters, his job is gone, he’s alienated from his friends and Spider-man’s reputation has been dragged through the ground. Cue some new big change for Spider-man. It’s hard to tell what but my only optimistic guess is that it’ll be something huge.

Someone will eventually go, ‘Hey why is Peter speaking in such a strange and unusual manner for him? Maybe someone should investigate?’ similar in a the sense to how Bruce Wayne ‘died’ a while ago and he then decided to install a Batman in every nation.

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