So yet again, there comes another day where there was evil no one hero could withstand. But due to various commitments the heroes of the Marvel universe are incapacitated. So for some bizarre reason it’s up to me to choose a temporary rooster from different media forms. That’s right strike a pose because it’s time to choose a time of martial artists to have their own Avengers team.

Let’s just Batman is busy.. I know a lot of superheroes have some kind of combat training, just to note.

Ryu: The obvious choice really to fulfil the leadership role. A bold and confident fighter with his legs firmly grounded in reality and strong sense of what’s right and wrong.

Bruce Lee: No rooster like this would be complete without the farther of modern Martial Arts films. With his unique style which had even been based off some dancing lessons he had taken would make him an unpredictable and stylish adversary.

Goku: The team needs a powerhouse. Someone who can fulfil the role of the Hulk but posses a whole lot more control. Do you know what else the Hulk has in common with Goku? The both go through a lot of clothes.

Donatello from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Have may be my favourite Turtle but a team with lot of muscle does need to utilise it’s most important muscle in the body. The Brain. Donny is cool and collected and can act as the smart guy on the team.

Kimberly The Pink Ranger: We need girls on the team. Plus her weapon based martial art of archery makes her just as bad ass as Hawkeye. Because as the unwritten rule goes those who utilise a bow are thus a badass.

Jackie Chan: I love the choreography Jackie Chan produces. It’s amazes me how a man with such raw talent for martial arts can create a scene where almost appears if Mr Bean could have done it. Clearly the funny guy and Spider-man of the team.

Zorro: Zorro isn’t a martial artist you say? And I reply, Fencing is a European Martial art. That’s right the caped horse rider can join the cool kids club and can act as Batman since Marvel and DC are sworn enemies.

If you had to choose a team of martial artists to defend the planet, who would you choose? Leave a comment below!

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