According to a recent report from Bloomberg, Microsoft have been in talks with HTC to offer consumers a smartphone that dual-boots both Windows Phone and Android in order to give the customer a choice between OS. It’s now come to light that Microsoft have been poking Samsung and Huawei, both previous primary suppliers of Windows Phone handsets.

Huawei have kept schtum about the talks but it seems that Samsung might be more than willing to entertain Microsoft’s idea. According to Mobile Review the technology isn’t the problem, but more the question of how much Samsung are willing to pay Microsoft for something which I personally believe would be a waste of money. The report from Bloomberg mentioned that Microsoft would be willing to kick the licencing fee for this feature but no word on whether the same option was given to Samsung.

The Mobile Review also mentioned something about Samsung preparing a dual-boot Windows RT and Android tablet stating that the memory is not shared between the two OS’ so either one can run freely but not at the same time. Again, details were thin at this point.

As it stands right now, this is nothing but speculation with neither companies coming forward to confirm or deny said rumours so take them with a pinch of salt.

My Opinion

Personally I think it would be a waste of money for Samsung, HTC, or Huawei to go ahead and take on this deal. If I’m given the option to choose Windows or Android, I’d choose Android. For me Windows Phone has nothing to offer and the app ecosystem is practically non-existent. If the option to switch between Windows or Android on one handset became available, I’d probably seldom switch between, if at all.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.

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James Read

Personally I would love a dual boot phone running Windows and Android. Having used a Windows phone for a year and a half before moving over to the Android phone I have now I can definitely see the appeal. In my experience Windows Phone is the better OS, both visually and performance wise, I know you may disagree with that Aaron and I may feel your editor’s wrath through nothing but press releases to write up for the rest of my days for saying that, but from using the two Windows is a lot less laggy and is much faster… Read more »