Microsoft has just unveiled a brand new “Friends App” and Multiplayer features for their next-gen Xbox One console which adds new Activity Feed full of real-time updates, new friends list, and the option to “instantly follow” players as well as having an infinite amount of followers yourself.

Taking a leaf out of Twitter and Facebook’s book Microsoft hope to change the way we interact with each other on Xbox Live for the Xbox One. The Xbox One will allow you to share “the latest in games and entertainment with fellow gamers, friends and family, or even celebrities and gaming personalities by following people”. This gives players the chance to connect with people easier than ever before without the need to have them accept a friend request.

So with the Xbox One we have Friends and Followers but they’re all considered your friends – apparently. The only difference between the two is to do with privacy settings – if you don’t want to be followed you can block the ability. With the Xbox One you can now have upto 1,000 friends in your friends list but you can have infinite followers, with followers it works much the same as Twitter, you choose who you follow and it’s up to them to follow you back, when or if they do follow you back this enables “a more interactive relationship” which acts more like the friends we’re used to on the Xbox 360 – allowing us to see when they’re online, what they’re playing, and what achievements they’ve just unlocked.

With the new Activity Feed comes a new type of profile (seen in the video above). The new profile pages show a larger full screen gamerpicture as well as information related to the reputation level, gamerscore, and friends list, and the amount of followers they have.

Overall the new Friends App allows you to interact with players that you’ve enjoyed playing games with, without the need to send a friend request which is a lot less intrusive for the other player.

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