According to a recent report from Bloomberg Microsoft has asked HTC to put Windows Phone onto some of their handsets, but not new handsets, oh no, specifically Android handsets like the HTC One.

Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft’s operating systems unit, has asked HTC to load Windows Phone as a “second option” on handsets which already run on Google’s Android OS. It seems like a good idea right, you’ll have the option to either have an Android HTC One or a Windows Phone HTC One.

Microsoft wreak of desperation here and the sources familiar with the plans say that Microsoft have “discussed cutting or eliminating the license fee to make the idea more attractive”. The last time HTC released a Windows Phone handset was in June and the company have no plans to release another so Microsoft are really clutching at straw here to claw back what little is left of the smartphone operating system market.

Details on this offer have yet to be ironed out as they’re not sure whether there will be the option to dual boot Windows Phone AND Android on the same phone, or that buyers will be given the choice between Windows or Android when they choose their handset but I do think it’d make an interesting move.

What are your thoughts? Would you prefer to have the choice over what operating system your new phone will come with or are you happy with the technology alone despite what OS is on the device.


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