Still sitting in my “to-do” pile is Dell’s announcement that the Xbox One will run all Windows 8 apps. Before I could get to that however Microsoft have spoken out and revealed that the Xbox One will in fact not run all Windows 8 apps. So what on earth was Dell on about?

Microsoft have today refuted claims found on Dell’s over the weekend which stated that Microsoft’s next-generation console will run all Windows 8 apps. In the Xbox One product description page on Dell’s website a part of it reads: “Consider the game officially changed. With all your favorite Windows 8 apps able to be run on and synced to your Xbox One, now your phone,  desktop, tablet and TV can all give you a unified  web and entertainment experience.”

A Microsoft spokesperson said that’s not quite true: “The suggestion that all Windows 8 apps run on Xbox One is not accurate,” they wrote in an email to All Things D. That doesn’t mean that apps won’t work on the Xbox One, just that the “suggestion” that “all” Windows 8 apps work.

With exactly a month until the launch of the Xbox One we don’t have too long to wait, and sure enough if this feature does exist, Microsoft will most likely make a bigger song-and-dance about it the closer we get to the launch.

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