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Gallifrey’s favourite son, The Doctor, has had yet another time travel adventure in the past days. Deep in the storeroom of a Nigerian Tv signal relay station a collection of 9 episodes were discovered (Note: Some sources report 11 most report 9). These were in the city of Jos.

The tapes discovered relate to two stories. The first selection is The Web of Fear. Episode One was already found however all the rest of this six part arch were thought lost for ever. Now episodes two, four, five and six have been found meaning only episode three is missing. Web of Fear is a very Whovian story with the discovery of a Robotic Yeti on the London Underground bound to set the loins of any Dr Who fan alight. While Episode 3 is still missing the story will be completed with remastered stills for its release.

The second find completes the set of The Enemy of the World of which only episode three was already existed in the BBC archive. The brilliant find of episodes one, two, four, five and six finally complete this tale. The Enemy of the World is a James Bond-esque romp with henchmen, a foreign villain and exploding helicopters to name but a few features.

deborah-watling-patrick-troughton-doctor-who-tomb-of-cybermenThese tales both feature Patrick Troughton’s second Doctor, a Doctor who’s episodes are rife with lost parts due to a BBC destruction of many of the sci-fi drama’s original transmission tapes in the 1960s and 1970s. How these missing episodes are finally coming back to us. While the originals are lost forever burnt to ash copies were made for sale to other TV stations in other countries and these are what were discovered. What is most amazing about these finds is that the tapes should in theory have been degraded by the intense heat in Nigeria but luckily they were kept in pristine condition.

Both of these stories are now available on iTunes as of the 11/10/13 and can be easily found in the app store.

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