Off the back of meteoric success from Minecraft , Mojang took to developing its latest new IP in the collectable card game Scrolls. Although, it’s success doesn’t appear to have been as incredible as its last big hit.

Mojang co-founder Jakob Porser, who was also the design lead on Scrolls, spoke to Thomas Arnroth over at about where he sees Scrolls going in the future and how it will be monetized.

As it stands Scrolls reportedly has sold a total of 110,000 units. Having been in paid beta since June of this year. At 15€ per copy the game was already able to break even within a week so anything it makes now is almost pure profit. A month after the option to pay for beta was offered 100,000 people picked up access.

However since this month was over in July and up until now, the game has only sold 10,000 units bringing its total sales up to 110,000. Porcer states “That Scrolls would sell a lot less than Minecraft has always been obvious,” Porser said. “You can’t ever compare them. I am happy with the amount of gamers we have right now.”

As a result Mojang appear to have been looking into the possibility of taking Scrolls down the freemium route like its current main rival intends. That rival? Blizzard’s Hearthstone based upong the Warcraft IP.

Jakob Porser shas stated quite catagorically stated that he does not intend to see the game take such a route but if the stream of players continues to fall stagnant that going freemium is an option. He says:

“We do not close [the door] for making Scrolls a free game in the future if that’s what is needed to attract more players… That is how most other collectible card games work today, it may have already become such a standard that it’s hard for us to break.”

People generally have a hatred for freemium games because they often take more importance on getting people to buy digital goods than to actually play the game. Pay to win almost. Hopefully with Mojang’s history of making choices that please the gaming populous and in essense being an independant title this can be averted.

Let’s be frank too… nearly everyone seems to have played Minecraft of some point, they don’t need to ensure every game makes loads of money.

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