I remember when my step father came home one day with tickets to a local monster trucking event, I was ridiculously excited I almost wet myself. At the time he owned a Transit van which only had two seats, so him and his brother sat in front whilst me and my best friend bundled into the back of the van only to experience the thrill ride a little earlier than planned.

I still remember the smell of the petrol fumes and cheap food van burgers, that was a good time. I’m hoping to re-live that experience with Monster Truck Destruction that launched today on PC and Mac. Get behind the wheel of one of 30+ monster trucks and push it to its limits to destroy everything in sight. Spin your wheels in competitive drag races or send your ride leaping off jumps, back flipping, pulling wheelies and smashing into other cars in Freestyle mode.

Monster Truck Destruction includes fully licensed trucks from all the big names in the game including BIGFOOT®, USA-1 and Outback Thunda. And looks absolutely bad-ass! The game also features several different game modes such as Drag races, Freestyle mode and Championship races available to be played in 16 real world arenas as created by the Monster X Tour crew.

You can currently purchase the game from Greenman Gaming, Amazon, Game, Merge Games and many more. The game is also currently looking to get voted onto Steam with Steam Greenlight, you can visit this page to give it the thumbs up!

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