Aliens: Colonial Marines

The internet is still rocking from the controversy of Aliens: Colonial Marines. However could there be another flog of the dead Xenomorph be coming soon? Trademarking says so.

Alright alright trademarking hasn’t yielded us the best of results recently. May I point your attention to Half Life 3’s trademark which held about as much water as a bullet riddled colinder. Maybe however this one actually is legitimate. Thanks to Siliconera a trademark was filled on October the 16th with the name Aliens: Isolation.

This shows the world that SEGA are serious about the Alien license they own and haven’t forgotten the flop of Colonial Marines nor taken it easily. Since landing the license in 2006 they’ve released a number of games under the name, including the poorly recieved Aliens vs Predator game launched in 2010 and the remarkably well recieved DS game Aliens: Infestation.

Not long after this news broke something else was coming out of the walls. Yes I’m not done with the Aliens quotes yet.

A source came forward to Kotaku suggesting gameplay details. The source states that the major protagonist of the title will be Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley, and take inspiration from a number of great sources. Reportedly taking cues from the claustrophia of the first Alien flick and combining the stealth gameplay of Dishonored with the messed up horror elements of Bioshock. Hopefully it’ll end up being better than the last Hybrid, that weird human alien thing from Alien: Resurrection.

There’s even word that it’s the ill-fated Aliens game which was being developed by Creative Assembly which vanished off the motion detector. However the games status is currently unknown and it could be an incredibly long time before we see it leap onto our screens. Then again, with reports it is being developed for current and next gen consoles it would be safe to assume it’ll come in the next financial year.

Ripley: Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away?

Right, that’s the quote…quota filled for one night. Alright sweethearts, you heard the writer and you know the drill. Comments and follows! Reader, come here, come here.

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