EA has released a new video featuring the highlights of the Ignite Engine’s spectacular additions to next generation versions of FIFA 14.

We all know that next gen will bring better graphics and animation along with the benefits of tweaked controls and physics, but there’s some nice little touches added for fans of the football sim.

Players will act as realistically as possible, positioning themselves with a heightened sense of awareness than previous installments. They’ll jockey for a better standpoint to recieve passes and to head the ball down after a goal kick. More than two footballers can now actively try for a ball in the air adding a more team based approach to situations too. This doesn’t just include players… The referee and ball boys will react toward player movements and do their jobs as intended.

Add this to the realistic crowds that bring atmosphere to a match, precision movement that captures players in perfect motion step by step and a range of new animations that make each kick, pass and goal just that bit more unique… You have something that lords it over last gen already. You’ll also be able to transfer your Ultimate Team details from PS3 to PS4 and Xbox 360 to Xbox One, allowing you to continue developing them seamlessly. In game currency and items are also transferrable.

Check out the video above for more details and see the game in full HD glory. You can also find our current-gen review HERE.

If you live in the UK, GAME will be offering a special deal of a £40 trade in for your PS3 and Xbox 360 versi0n of FIFA 14 to put towards a shiny, new next-gen copy. Selected stores in the US will be offering up to $10 discount when you trade in for the same deal.

FIFA 14 will be released on the launch of both Xbox One and Playstation 4 this November in the US and UK.





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