Nexus 5 Long

For the past few weeks leaks surrounding the Nexus 5 and Android Kit Kat have been gushing everywhere. We practically know what the device will look like, we know pretty much all of the new features in Android 4.4 – Kit Kat. But the latest rumour suggest that the two won’t be launching until November – great.

It seems that the Kit Kat twitter account might have just been trolling us. With the suggested announcement/release date just around the corner, and Google holding their Play focused event later today, we’re now hearing that the release may be delayed until November. The reason why? Well, rumours suggest that LG want to delay the release so the Nexus 5 launches along side the LG G Flex.

The reason because of the delayed launch are unclear, perhaps LG want the LG G Flex to share the same limelight as the Nexus 5 or maybe there’s still a few final tweaks needed in order to make it perfect. With rumoured release dates and announcements literally around the corner and neither Google or LG have acknowledged the leaks or FCC filings, it seems that a delay is likely.

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