The leaks have been coming through thick and fast for Google’s next Nexus handset which we can safely say is going to be named the Nexus 5. It’ll run Google’s latest version of Android, 4.4 or Kit Kat as it’s now known. The latest leak shows us the clearest footage we’ve seen yet of the device as well as some of the features it, and Android 4.4 has to offer.

The latest video shows us all of the angles the Nexus 5 has to offer including a closer look at the softer, rubberized back and edges as well as a closer look at the camera lens. The video also shows us that LG have decided to move the phone’s speakers to the bottom of the device as well as splitting them up into dual speakers. The back panel also looks to be removable which leads us to believe that we can also replace the battery if needs be.

On the front of the device we have a smaller circular ear piece with the front facing camera on the left this time.

In terms of software, this is what let’s the video down a little. It seems to be running a fairly older version of the software which doesn’t match up with some of the later leaks, whether that’s an inconsistency or the latest leaks have been added fairly recently remains to be seen.

According to recent leaks Google are planning on announcing and even launching the new Nexus 5 as soon as tomorrow. Google are yet to confirm this rumour but there’s not long to wait. Whilst you do wait, feel free to browse our collection of Nexus 5 leaks by checking out our Nexus 5 tag!

No doubt we’ll be seeing you tomorrow if Google do announce something.

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