Late yesterday evening more images of what’s said to be the Nexus 5 running on Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) have surfaced adding to the already abundant library of leaks which leaves me wondering whether it’s worth grabbing my snorkel?

These images come courtesy of Italian site TuttoAndroid and show some pretty interesting changes to the Android UI. The first real noticeable thing is the lack of black bars at both the top where the notification icons appear and at the bottom where the on-screen function buttons appear. These apparently also fade when not in use to give the sense of more real estate on the screen.

The notifications have also lost the Android Blue colour in exchange for white. It’s unknown whether they change colour depending on whether you’re actually receiving data or not, or whether they just grey out.

The icons have also been tweaked a little adding more colour and the icon images themselves seem a little flatter too. One thing you may notice is the SMS app is completely missing. This could either be a fault, a slight over-look, or the SMS and MMS functions are going to be merged in with the “Hangouts” app just like Google Talk – something that has been rumoured earlier this week.

Even more images from TuttoAndroid show us a little deeper into the software’s settings and gives us something interesting to look at. There now seems to be three options for location detection, High Accuracy, Battery Saving, and Device Sensors. High Accuracy uses everything together; GPS, WiFi, and Mobile Data, Battery Saving just uses WiFi and Mobile data, and Device Sensors use just the GPS.

NFC seems to have taken a more prominent role with the Nexus 5 too with a new option called “Tap & Pay” which could hint at Google Wallet becoming a bigger part of the Android ecosystem.

Both the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 are rumoured to be revealed (and maybe even launched) on October 15, according to the latest rumour.

Though these Android 4.4 and Nexus 5 leaks are becoming more of a flood it’s still probably best to take each one with a pinch of salt and a life jacket until Google actually announce something for real.

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