Nintendo have announced three new Wii U hardware bundles which are set to arrive in the UK just in time for Christmas featuring Mario & Luigi, Wii Party U, and Just Dance.

The first of the three packs is the The Mario & Luigi Premium Pack which features a Black Premium 32GB Wii U and GamePad along with New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U “as a ‘2 in 1’ disc”. This bundle will be going on sale first on November 8.

Next up Nintendo are offering a brand new bundle featuring their Mii party game, Wii Party U. The Wii Party U Basic Pack is set to contain the White Basic 8GB Wii U complete with a white GamePad, white Wii Remote Plus, Sensor Bar as well as copies of both Wii Party U and Nintendo Land. This bundle will be next on sale on November 15.

Finally Nintendo will be releasing the Just Dance 2014 Basic Pack. As you might have guessed it contains the White Basic 8GB Wii U complete with GamePad, Wii Remote Plus, Sensor Bar all bundled together with Ubisoft’s Just Dance 2014 and Nintendo Land. This bundle will be released on November 22.

All three appear to be priced at £249.99, according to the all-new Nintendo UK online store.

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