Nintendo has cut the ribbon and opened up it’s online store in the UK, you can now purchase bundles, consoles, accessories, and games directly from Nintendo some of which offer next day delivery!

The Nintendo Online store is said to be the place to get all newly released Nintendo-published games as well as offering exclusives that can only be found by heading to the Nintendo Store. To celebrate the opening of the store Nintendo have jumped right in with an exclusive pre-order for the limited edition Pokemon X or Pokemon Y 3DS XL handhelds, what’s better, there’s a £20 saving too!

Looking a little closer there’s also two fantastic 2DS bundles for Pokémon X and Y which include either Pokémon X or Pokémon Y, the blue or red 2DS and a blue or red case depending on your choice!

The Nintendo Online Store offers free standard delivery, which are said to arrive in locations in the UK within two to three days or if your order exceeds £200 Nintendo will deliver them the next day, if you order before 8pm that is.

As an extra added bonus consoles that are purchased from the Nintendo Online Store will come with generous added 12 months on the warranty. Nintendo are also offering to answer any question sent to the support email address even if they’re not complaints or issues with the store or items, like a shop assistant, I guess.

As it stands the UK is the first to get such a service with no word surrounding a North American launch. Head to to browse the current selection of games, consoles, and accessories!

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