Pokemon X and Y

Since the new update we’ve been thinking of ways to get you, the reader, more involved in our community. We’ve now got an entire Social Network intertwined within n3rdabl3, not only can you sign-up and freely comment on every post without waiting for it to be approved, you can join in on discussions surrounding your favourite console or game!

To kick things off we’ve started a Pokémon X/Y trading thread in our 3DS group where you can leave a comment if you want to trade a Pokémon or a Megastone! You can find that thread here along with a few others surrounding your X/Y squad! First though, you’ll need to sign up to n3rdabl3, in order to do so visit our register page which you can find here!

Happy Trading!

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I have pokemon X and Seeking people to trade pokemon with. Friend Safari would also be nice for the same reason.

My Friend Code is : 2251-5154-5066

I’m not sure how else to communicate through the DS aside from the Swapnote application so that’s where I’d probably communicate haha. If you add me please leave your friend code so I can add you as well.