The world of One Piece has always been a bit odd to those who don’ t really don’t understand the whole idea behind it. That and if your new to Anime. Though I’m still ages behind on the story I’m aware of enough of  One Piece to get rather excited about this game. The question is, can One Piece work in game form?

Lets face the facts. Many Anime’s that have made the jump to the gaming world have been mixed in success. Some go on to be sellouts and others should have just never been made. The crazy characters, special moves and so on find it hard to translate into a playable form. I’m happy to say right off the mark that One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 is one that is worth purchase.

Everything about the world of Pirate Warriors 2 is a like to like copy of the show. It’s nice to see that they have been able to keep the rather stunning look of the show and make it move just as you would hope. From the animations to the way the world moves it’s all spot on. I mean even the huge dragon that flies around one level is just beautiful. Even the look of the characters is a prefect recreation. On that note however I would point out that yes, Nami still has a rather ‘simple’ outfit.

5371_DLC 1 Screenshot 2

The story, which is a standalone one, takes places in the world of One Piece after the two year break. On the continued quest to become Pirate King we join the cast of characters as they go about a new and untold story. Due to it running alongside the main canon story, Pirate Warriors 2 is able to delivery a story that even someone new to the series can enjoy. Plus if you want to know more just read all the in game data. That really helps to flesh out the world of Pirate Warriors 2 and gives you more depth to the world, but only if you so wish.

Gameplay is where Pirate Warriors 2 key focus is though, and it should be known as a gem in my eyes. Let it be known now that I’ve not played a game like this at all until this point. From what I’m aware though the closest link I could make would be to the Dynasty Warriors games. Each ‘level’ is a case of a huge battle in which you control one hero. You must then go through a series of goals in order to win the fight. The whole time you have a next to limitless amount of basic foes to fight and levelling up to do. It’s a lot of fun. With more characters to unlock than I can manage, you have a lot of replay value on top of that. Further more, each battle can least up to around 90 minutes.


The combat is made up of standard moves such as strong and little attacks, followed by countless combos and the odd special move. Then with a click of a button you enter a power mode of sorts where you are faster, stronger and just much more badass. It’s here you can also call in your crew mate who gives a helping hand for a few moments before jumping back out to rest. This is one of the nice features in Pirate Warriors 2, the crew system. In short, you can play as any character and each levels up at there own rate. They have a level for when your playing and then a crew level as well. Therefore, the more you use them, be it as a main or a support member, the better they get. Plus each level offers a lot of rewards.

To flesh this out more you have the option to set up ‘coins’ before each battle which all ofer different perks. Link sets together to get even more bonuses or just use the ones that you enjoy. You find these coins throughout the battles so it’s a nice little extra to hunt for during battles. Note though that each mission offers at least one ‘hidden’ coin so keep your eyes open.

With those working together, plus being able to pay to level up your characters, Pirate Warriors 2 offers a great set of gameplay elements that all work hand in hand. No feature is put there for no reason, it’s all got its purpose. Lastly, I just want to touch on the online ‘SOS’ feature. This is a nice final touch to an already prefect game. In short, the SOS features lets you call help if you need it. If another player needs help, your be notified on the menu screen. You have to rush to get the spot but they come up rather often. Sure, it’s just a case of joining another player in a mission you might have already done but it’s always good to have two player controlled characters.


There is a lot playing in Pirate Warriors 2’s favour and I could keep going on for days about how much I love it. That said though, it should be noted that a few bits here and there do let it down but nothing to ruin the enjoyment. Really, with all the above plus online battles, side quests, unlockables, collectables and so much more. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 is easily worth every penny you pay for it. I can’t recommend it enough!

Oh also, the whole game is Japanese voice acting. Even the sound effects. It’s so epic!

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